About Proven Provider

Proven Provider was created by a small team based out of Southern California. We started working on Proven Provider because we saw how difficult it was for customers to find proven products and services online. There are a ton of places online that allow customers to read reviews of local companies or to find products and services, but there were countless problems with finding products and services online. Two of the biggest problems with finding a reliable local company to work with is the fact that most of the reviews online are obviously fake, or they are sometimes even hidden if a company pays for advertising on that site. Finding companies through search engines will lead to a ton of spam, and you might end up calling the same company 3 or 4 times even though they are listed under different names. We knew there could be a better way, which is why Proven Provider was made.

Proven Provider's Goals

  • Help Customers Quickly Find Proven Products and Services - We aim to make it very easy to see exactly where and what products and services a company provides.
  • Help Customers Save Money on Products and Services - All customers like saving money on products and services as long as quality isn't sacrificed, which is why we try and promote companies with not only high quality products and services, but low prices as well.
  • Reduce Spam - We screen all of the companies listed on Proven Provider, so you won't end up accidentally calling the same company listed under different names ever again. You also won't ever have to deal with unlicensed contractors or uninsured companies.
  • Promote The Best Local Companies - Our primary goal at Proven Provider is to help customers connect with the best companies. Companies shouldn't have to learn online marketing in order to be found, they should focus on their products and services and keeping their customers happy.